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A simple Web browser allows to visualize the documents generated by the 1Work software. And with a network connection, you also have access to the editing mode with the help of a login and a password.

That you are at the office or the house, in front of your PC or outside, with the assistance of your mobile, you can modify your document and immediately publish it to the rest of the world.


Advantages: CMS Responsive Design

An innovating solution

The 1-Computer company proposes an innovating solution as well allowing the creation of documents only using one navigator. We have successfully addressed a complex problem in a simple way, requiring technology knowledge in various domains.
The 1Work software is a simple and practical solution which makes it possible for the user to consult and publish documents on any type of supports and independently of the type of material. Responsive Web Design

"...in addition to proposing unique and innovative technologies and functionalities, we make them as simple as possible to use. 1Work belongs to a new generation of software called Browser Only."
Raoul Mengis CEO -1-Computer 21.03.2005

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